Monday, September 1, 2014

Awesome Book Cakes

Cakes have gone way beyond the simple round, two-layer frosted cake we all associate with birthdays.  These days, cake-making has become an art, and cake-makers vie to create the most beautiful or astounding cakes.  A fair number of them are inspired by books.

There are children's book cakes:
Alice in Wonderland cake by Bobette and Belle
Peter's Garden cake by Izzy's Cakes, Oxfordshire, England

Children's classics cake by Night Kitchen Bakery, via Bookalicious
Hey Diddle Diddle cake by Mike's Amazing Cakes
Cat in the Hat cake, provenance unknown

YA book cakes:

Twilight cake by Christopher Garrens Cakes
The Night Circus cake (link and original page no longer available)
Hunger Games cake (unable to find original link)

Literary cakes:

Jane Austen cake by Heather Baird, SprinkleBakes

Portrait of Poe cake by Heather Baird, SprinkleBakes

Book Lovers' Wedded Bliss by The Cake Whisperer

Penguin Classics cake by Janet Mohapi-Banks (link no longer available)

library cakes:

Radcliffe Camera, Bodleian Library, Oxford, by The Cake Shop (UK)

fantasy cakes:

D&D dragon groom's cake by Mike's Amazing Cakes

Castle cake, complete with dragon bearing maidens, by Suka (link no longer available)

Lord of the Rings cakes:

Sebastian's Magical Hobbit Hole Cake by Pink Cake Box

Gondor cake (photo by Clare Wood; cake designer unknown)

Eye of Sauron red velvet cake, by Emily Pease (emzstar on Flickr)
Rivendell-inspired wedding cake by Irene's Cakes by Design

LOTR cake with Gollum, by Benja (Czech Republic)

Dr Who cakes:

Dr. Who cake with TARDIS & Dalek (designer unknown; link unavailable)

and lots of amazing Harry Potter cakes:

Hogwarts Cake for LA premiere of HP & the Order of the Phoenix by Charm City Cakes

Sorting Hat cake by Karen Portaleo for Highland Bakery (via Flickr)

Harry Potter cake by EnglishCakeLady after an original design by Sweet Blossom Cakes (via Cake Central)

Goblet of Fire - First Task cake, by Art Cakes of St. Petersburg, Russia

Marauder's Map cake (photo originally on Caroline Keith's Photobucket; no longer available)

The Burrow, a gingerbread house by mezcraft on Instructables

The artistry and dedication of these cake makers, some professional and some hobbyists, just amazes me. Do you have any favorite literary or bookish cakes? I'd love to see them! Feel free to include links in the comments.

Here are links to more collections of book-related cakes:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Post - 8/31/14

The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by the wonderful Kimba, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  It's a chance to share news, a post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Last weekend was so busy with moving our daughter in to college, I didn't have time to do a Sunday Post. In fact, it's been pretty crazy since then, what with flying home, trying to finish an indexing project, and dealing with plumbers. We had to have the hot water heater replaced and several other things; the plumbers have been here three different days and still have to come back to replace the whole-house water filter.

Next week looks to be pretty busy, too. Once I finish this project, I have another big one due in about 2 1/2 weeks. And I have to pick music and find a pianist for my choruses -- but that's much more fun than plumbing!

I apologize to all of you who left comments on the blog the last week or two; I haven't had a lot of time to answer them all. I hope to get caught up over the next week or two. I've certainly enjoyed reading them, though!

Last two weeks on the blog: 

The coming week:

  • Mon. 9/01/14: Awesome Book Cakes
  • Tues. 9/02/14: Top Ten Characters That Would Sit at My Lunch Table (in school) (tentative)
  • Wed. 9/03/14: In the Dragon's Eye: The Night Garden  (W.O.W.)
  • Thur. 9/04/14: Of Merlot and Murder, by Joni Folger (early review) (tentative)
  • Fri. 9/05/14:  Loving Rose, by Stephanie Laurens (review) (tentative)
  • Sat. 9/06/14:  News & Notes - 9/06/14  (tentative, because of everything that's going on this week.)

New additions to the hoard: 

(Cover links go to Goodreads)

For review:

Many thanks to Harlequin!

Bought or free for my Kindle:

Even for 2 weeks, this is a little overboard. . . but hey, I was on vacation! I've read all th Virgin River books, but some of the early ones were on sale for Kindle, and I wanted to re-read them while I was away. The first three Thunder Point books went on sale, too, and although I had bought #1, I read ARCs of #2 and #3, so I picked those up, too. The Jayne Ann Krentz and Mary Jo Putney books were pre-orders that came out on Tuesday. The next four were both on sale and on my TBR list. (Well, I've read Dolphin Island, but it was a looong time ago.)  The Lost Heir was free; author E.G. Foley is a husband-and-wife team of which the wife is Gaelan Foley, the romance author. And The Queen's Readers is a collection of essays about Tamora Pierce's works.

Have a wonderful week and happy reading!